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A musician at heart. A tester by trade.

Starting out my career I was convinced I'd be teaching elementary children how to play music somewhere in Africa.  In fact, I'd applied to multiple aid organizations overseas to get a foot in the door.  After facing rejection after rejection I decided I'd just settle down and try and make some money.

After applying to numerous places and hearing the same old "not enough experience" rejection I ended up at a health club software company called Club Automation.  I'd be joining a team of three customer support reps as we navigated supporting our baby software.  We were so grateful for our few customers willing to take a risk with us that we would do anything for them.  I'm talking printer support, phone line support, business insight and we once even helped a client set up their Facebook page.  I was able to touch every part of a customer's technical process of their business and I loved it.

From there a pretty typical tester path was followed.  Customer Care Representative to Team Lead, to Technical Services, to Associate Test Engineer, to (finally) Software Test Engineer.  Being able to identify and assist in resolving issues before they can make it into customer hands has been a dream come true.

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Encouraging future testers builds the future of testing.

I am where I am today because of the many mentors who have helped me reach my goals.  Whether that be coffee and conversation, recommended reading, or introducing me to important people I've had SO MANY friends help me succeed.

If you are thinking about being a tester but you're afraid you aren't "good enough" or not "technical enough" I've been there! Don't let that stop you from reaching out or learning more.  The tester community is one of the most fun, welcoming, and socially awkward communities out there.  Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. Check out my resources and favorite podcasts to learn more about this profession and how you can join in on the fun!




  • Exploratory > Test Cases

  • Automation or Manual testing: Both! 

  • API or UI: API

  • Preferred languages: Ruby, Python, Javascript

  • Classically trained cellist who enjoys playing some piano

  • Best Captains: Picard, Jane-way, Cisco, Archer, Archer's dog, that one time Troi was the officer with the highest rank on the bridge and had to Captain, Kirk

  • Favorite Foods: Varies, but I'll never say no to BBQ ribs

  • Console: PlayStation

  • Terran, Protoss, or Zerg: Terran

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